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Great looking site. Let the voices be heard!

jackie poindexter

Luv your new look. lots of luck!!!

Arkenaton Shabazz

Hotep! I would like to bring to your attention that the first audio recordings of some of ancient Pharoahs is available on our website. They have sent messages from the spirit world for us to hear. There messages are very profound. Amen Ra

Leila A. Fortier

I want to tell you how truly and deeply moved I am by Rhonda Johnsons Imoye and the launch of this publication. Never having heard her before, I began to cry with the passion of her voice...the absolute universal, cosmic consciousness. I have listened a few times just today, and have searched for her online...can you provide links to her sites or other information? My humble thanks and sincere praise, Leila A. Fortier

Patrick Wherry

Nice Look!!

Elaine Nguyen

Excuse me, I am terribly sorry to say this, but I was accepted for publication, however, I lost the acceptance email and cannot find a way to contact you in order to send my picture, bio, etc. I hope that you see this before it is too late. I am very sorry for this. Thank you for your time.

Mel Dyer

I am so inspired by the cosmic feel of this website and its celebration of spoken word in art! Maravillosa!


I was wondering if there was a link or information where I can learn to pray and meditate in African spirituality



"Yes we can"!

luce Masset

I enjoy the music of the first poem and find the second which travels through memory lane very powerful