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Visions with Voices Volume 2

Visions with Voices Volume 1

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Volume 1 Number4
Fall 2010


Alchemy of Autumn Dews ~ A Cosmic Tradition

Domestic Violence ~ A Special Collection

For Now ~ A Glimmer of Hope

Poetic Justice ~ A Notice

Soulicious ~ A Tribute

The Wonderful One ~ An Expression of Spiritual Oneness


Abby LeCavalier

Balaram Sahu

Frank Cavano

Harold Lee Rush

Mikki Williams

Patrice C. Queen

Volume 1 Number 3
Summer 2010


Appetite & Enmity ~ A Collection

The Big Man's Predicament ~ A Lesson

me, drunk, reading Mr. P's Poem ~ A Poem Within a Poem

Nothing Less ~ A Standard

Things I Should Have Said ~ A Confession


Ken Chau

Leila Fortier

Purnendu Chstterjee

Robert Frazier

Tom Minor

Volume 1 Number 2
Spring 2010


Boys Just Boys ~ A Thought to Ponder

Doesn't Matter ~ An Affirmation

Life or Death ~ A Wonder

Poem for a Whimsical Mortician ~ A Discovery

Reading to My Granddaughter ~ A Fantasy

Reaper of Cowardly Deeds ~ A Heads Up


Alan Gann

David Kowalczyk

Ernest Williamson

Frank Cavano

Jacqueline Poindexter

Mike Berger

Volume 1 Number 1
Winter 2010


Imoye ~ A Collection

2016 ~ A Concert


Crocogators West of the Pecos ~ An Urban Legend


Harold Lee Rush

Rhonda Johnson

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