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A Satire ~ by Mark Murphy

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Mark  Murphy
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I guess the poem ultimately pokes fun at the existentialists, Satre and De Beauvoir favouring Guevara as a 'man of action' in truly revolutionarry times.


Where are Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir?
Alberta Korda cut them out
preferring instead to crop his image to frame the ill-fated, Che Guevara.
Where indeed is Fidel Castro?
Korda shot Che from 25 feet away with Kodak-Plus X pan film.
Che looks determined as the Gurerellerio Heroica.,
implacable, a man without ego,
then Guevara is killed on October 9th, 1968
and the March photograph is set to become iconoclastic
beyond all comprehension. Revolutionaries, liberals, conservatives
of all denominations court the portrait,
worn on shirts, badges, bags, all manner of regalia.
Korda disparaged all money from the reproduction of his famous portrait,
and though Guevara overcomes his nausea
at his impending execution,
the viscocity of life, the godless universe,
Jean Paul Sartre and Simone de Beauvoir never face the firing squad.