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No Worries

A Reflection ~ by Jacqueline Piepenhagen

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Jacqueline  Piepenhagen
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Over the last ten years I have written many poems that I would categorize as "Bits and Pieces of Life." NO WORRIES reflected my feelings as I gave up worrying about all the little things that overwhelmed me. I decided to find something good in each day to focus on.

No Worries

In this world of chaos,
One must always find,
A little piece of Heaven
Before we loose our minds.

Down that rustic road
One must find,
A place of refuge . . .
And release,
Look forward to the solitude,
The quiet and the peace.

A renewed enjoyment
Of life's repose,
Removes the chill
From one's heart who knows.

Reconcile vague worries
That seem to want to stay.
Reach out and grasp
Strained silence,
Each and every day.