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A Spring Feature Poem ~ by Frank Cavano

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Frank  Cavano

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About Gardenia

On a mid-June morning, I walked down the driveway to collect the paper. I was struck by the presence of a single white Gardenia blossom, which had replaced the hundreds that had bloomed in May. I brought the flower to my wife while reflecting on the temporary nature of all things in this world. This reflection resulted in my writing "Gardenia" an hour later.


Spring's white blanket
worn to an emerald green
a single ivory blossom
nestling, lonely in leaves.
You should have it with
your morning coffee but
dare I, with a sigh, pluck
such promise poorly kept?

About Frank Cavano

Frank is a retired physician who writes because it is a very enjoyable experience and a healing one as well. He tends to produce work of a spiritual/inspirational/metaphysical kind. Over 70 poems and reflective pieces have been made available on-line and/or in print over the last three years.