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A Spoken Word Poetry and Narrative Quarterly Journal

At Visions with Voices you can listen to the Spoken Word while you read the Written Word of poetry and narratives. The works are read either by the writer or one of our Spoken Word artists.
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Volume 5 Number 2
Spring 2014


Brockbank Street
A Release

Filling Out Papers
One of a Duet

Its Always too Soon
One of a Duet

A Lifestyle

A Premature Dickensonian Patricide
A Realization

The Road Wears A Patchwork Gown
An Observation

Untitled #1
A Preference


Zwariowany Kapelusznik


Dave Migman

Jessy Bissal

Kaitly Dahle

Lee Foust

Rhonda Denise Johnson

Sadie Miller

Weldon Sandusky


Volume 5 Number 1
Winter 2014


On Pain
One of a Poetry Duet

The Chelsea Jail
A Night on the Town

Funkin' at the Chicken Shack
A Tribute

Silencing the Madness
A Realization

The Thirteenth Note
One of a Poetry Duet

Winter Wonderland
A Wonder


Frank Cavano

Jacqueline Piepenhagen

Joseph Farley

Tony Adamo

Wayne Burke






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